The Association of Black Admissions and Financial Aid Officers of the Ivy League and Sister Schools (ABAFAOILSS) was founded in 1971 to assist students and parents by guiding them through the basic steps of college preparation and admission.  This website provides information essential to the college planning process as well as an introduction to our member institutions.

This website serves as a gateway of information for both college admissions and financial aid processes at selective undergraduate institutions and also provides a general introduction to the member institutions of ABAFAOILSS. This website contains information regarding steps high school students should take as they prepare themselves for the college admissions experience.  In addition, the site provides a description of financial aid procedures with a goal toward both clarifying the process and encouraging all qualified students to seek necessary financial aid regardless of economic background.

The schools represented by ABAFAOILSS strive toward the highest level of intellectual and academic achievement through the engagement of students and faculty in rigorous programs of study.  These schools actively seek and admit students from every racial, religious, ethnic, and socio-economic background.  Our member institutions offer thousands of courses and support a vast array of research in every imaginable discipline.  Our goal is cultivation of the extraordinary potential of our students who, as they emerge as citizens of the world, will do so armed with the compassion and courage conferred by an exceptional education.